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Wine Cork Garland: Carrie Gets Crafty!

You guys, I can't even tie a decent bow let alone go to Pinterest, get inspired and actually MAKE SOMETHING. But I did it! I really did and I'm so excited for me and my new Christmas treasure. 

In the 11 years that we've lived in this house I've never thrown a cork away. And if you know me at all then you know that means that I've got 'a lot' of corks on hand. There are a few baskets of them around the house used as decor but mostly they were getting tossed into a big container in the basement. 

Over the years I've toyed with actually doing something with them. I've seen those cute cork wreaths and cork boards made out of them but nothing struck my fancy until one night while I was (drinking wine) surfing the internet I came across the cork garland. Bingo! This was to be the destiny for all of the corks that sealed and protected my Cabernet! 

So, in typical Carrie fashion, I waited until the last minute (the tree was up) and then I hounded Jim to drill holes in the 100s of corks required to significantly wrap around an 8 foot Christmas Tree (72 feet if you are interested). He begrudgingly started and when I went down to inspect his progress I realized that I could wield a drill. I mean... before I married him I used to drill things all the time (well maybe twice). I had done it in the past for one reason or another and surely I could do it again, right? So I took over and in no time, with my holiday music blaring I had put holes in what looked like enough corks to adorn my beautiful evergreen! I was so inspired by my progress that I immediately took them upstairs, put on a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie and strung all 72 feet of them!


Friends, this is unprecedented. This project was supposed to take weeks. There was a strong possibility that it wouldn't get done until NEXT Christmas. But here it is... in all its glory. The gleaming symbol of my love of the vino, to cherish for years to come. My recycled, every-bottle-told-a -story, made-by-hand Grome family heirloom. Ta-Da!!! 

Thanks for checking it out and let me know if you need any pre-drilled corks, 
I've got extra! 

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