The Norwex Difference

What Makes Norwex Microfiber Different From Others?
Really, whats the difference?  Why are they more expensive & what makes them so great?  Find out here!

Quality is the biggest difference. Norwex Microfiber is a blend of polyester and polyamide that enables the fibers created to be just 1/100th the size of a strand of human hair.  2.9 million meters of those tiny microfibers are used to make one small Enviro Cloth. This high quality Microfiber combined with the right knitting process, creates an extremely effective cleaning cloth that has the ability to hold up to seven times its weight in water. Unlike most cloths that smear dirt across the surface being cleaned, Norwex Microfiber cloths act like bionic sponges, completely removing dirt and bacteria to leave a clean, highly-polished surface.
A comparative example could be the thread count of bed sheets. Think about 180 thread count sheets vs. 600-thread count ones.  The higher count sheets are higher quality, feel softer and last longer than the others. A good test for the amount of microfiber in a cloth, and consequently the cloth quality, is a stretch test – the easier a microfiber cloth stretches, the less actual microfiber in the cloth. Norwex cloths have very little stretch.
Norwex microfiber is superior to all others on the market, and have been designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth within the product. Unlike cotton cloths that will spread dirt, grease and other particles around, Norwex antibac microfiber, when used wet, lifts these particles up into the cloth and away from the surface. Once inside the cloth, the micro silver in the cloth goes to work with self purification properties so that it is ready to use over and over again. You can actually feel the microfiber grabbing at the surface as you wipe!  They have a natural static charge that acts as magnet to attract even the tiniest particles of dirt, reaching into crevices and scooping out hidden germs and bacteria.  
You can use them dry to dust with & wet to clean with. I have gotten red wine out of carpet, hairspray off of my cat, and cleaned countless other insane or otherwise ridiculous messes successfully and simply with my Norwex and water.

You know that it's working because
it won't get stinky like your regular old cleaning cloths & rags do.  It can clean on & on with minimal care (a rinse or two here & there makes sense), as long as you hang it out to dry when you are done using it...every germ in it will die!  They do not harbor bacteria or multiply germs like common cloths.  Smelling is believing! 
Eventually, your cloth will need cleaned & when that day comes you have several options.  Whereas a non-Norwex microfiber cloth typically maintains its cleaning ability for about 25 washes and then becomes like a regular cotton cloth - a Norwex Antibac microfiber cloth will work just as good as the day you first got it up to 500 washings!
Norwex can also go into the dryer (no fabric softener or bleach) while many other microfiber cloths cannot. 

All Norwex microfiber products come with a 60-day money back guarantee & have a full 2-year replacement policy. This means that if in that time frame your Norwex Antibac microfiber cloth degrades in some way with normal use & proper care, Norwex will replace it. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning With Microfiber?
Microfiber cloths can reduce the consumption of cleaning chemicals in your home up to 90% while at the same time cutting down your exposure to toxic fumes. This can make a big difference for anyone with allergies and chemical sensitivities.  Check out this photo of all the stuff we got rid of when we started using Norwex.  The Enviro Cloth & the Window Cloth  alone replaced everything that you see in this picture!

These cloths are to be used In all areas of your home including the bathrooms and kitchen.  As I mentioned above Norwex microfiber cloths need ONLY WATER; resulting in a cleaner, healthier en
Obviously, Norwex high quality microfiber cloths are very durable.  We have abused them in every way imaginable.  I scrub my patio furniture, grill & basement steps with them.  Jim uses them for the break grease on the rims of his tires & most recently to wipe down the moldy swing set gear (after it survived another winter).   Because they can withstand such rigorous use - they are widely used in commercial cleaning environments (in Europe they are commonly used in hotel chains, restaurants & even hospitals!)

What Does The Silver in Norwex Microfiber Do?
Norwex Antibac microfiber cloths & wet mops contain an environmentally-friendly, patent-pending Silver Technology that has been approved by both the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency. This new technology sets Norwex apart from all other microfiber companies.  The silver agent is embedded inside tiny microfibers the size of 0.3 denier or smaller.
Silver interrupts a cell's ability to form chemical bonds essential to its survival. Although there are many complex ways Silver works, the simplest function is its ability to disable the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolismSo, when you clean with Norwex you are not only picking up bacteria, the silver in the cloth is killing it as you wipe.  This is why you can completely eliminate chemical cleaning agents from your home.  Instead of spraying a disinfectant (which is really a pesticide!) onto your counter, thereby killing the germs then wiping them away... you can just wipe with a Norwex Antibac Cloth & let the cloth/silver combo kill the germs.

Laboratory testing has proven that the Enviro Cloth is effective against E.Coli, Salmonella, Bird Flu, SARS and many other strains of bacteria.
Further tests reveal that the bacteria in the Norwex Enviro Cloth itself were reduced by more that 99.99% after 24 hours while a normal microfiber cloth had a bacteria growth of 14,000.  Check out lots more on the scientific tests performed on Norwex hereAnd watch me here below removing raw chicken from my counter with just the cloth & water, it's a seriously impressive demonstration that I do at all of my Norwex shows.  

So there you have it... every reason that I can think of that Norwex cloths are superior to their counterparts that can be found elsewhere.  I couldn't sell it if I didn't believe wholeheartedly that these products are worth every penny.  They have completely changed the way Jim & I clean our home, car, office, selves, kid & pets.  They clean better & faster than anything else we have ever used, we save a ton of money by not buying mediocre cleaning agents & I seriously can't imagine going on without them.  Not in a house with windows, pets or germs any way.  

Happy Cleaning!

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